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Implant Dentistry

Our specialty at SmileBay Signature Advanced Implant Centre lies in dental implant.

Dental implant is an innovative and sophisticated solution for replacing missing teeth.

The implant is made of titanium that is surgically placed into the jawbone and fused with it, through a process called osseointegration.

It serves as an artificial tooth root, onto which a replacement tooth or bridge can be attached.

  • The more implants that needs to be placed, the more difficult is the case. As we are not only looking at implants, but also evaluating them in the perspective of occlusion for restoration of crowns or bridges after implant placement

  • Hard tissue: Your quality and quantity of bone will affect implant placement

  • Soft tissue: Sufficient amount of soft tissue is crucial for sustainable longevity of your implant

  • However, our SmileBay Signature team is equipped with the latest technology and expertise to deal with complex and advanced cases. Not to mention simple and straightforward implant cases

Not Enough bone for Implant? 
We are here for you.

If you've been diagnosed with insufficient bone for implants, don't let it deter your dream of a complete smile. We are here to overcome bone loss challenges. Our commitment is to provide you with a precise diagnosis, considering both the functional and aesthetic aspects of your case. We offer clarity on your gum and jaw bone condition, presenting tailored treatment options for your journey towards a confident and permanent smile. Your transformation begins with us.

Mr Wong's Implant Journey 

Rejected by other clinics for a sinus lift implant surgery ( The sinus lift adds bone to the upper back jaw, ensuring a secure location for the placement of the implant, while keeping the sinus safe), Mr Wong found hope at our clinic. Determined to restore his smile, he entrusted us with his care. Despite the challenges, Dr Yong successfully carried out the surgery.

Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 4.52.18 PM.png

All On 4 Implant

Experience frustration with the constant movement of your upper denture? Long for the ability to taste your food properly and dream of reclaiming your natural teeth? An All-on-4 dental solution could be the transformative answer you've been searching for.

Our skilled team strategically places four or six implants per jaw at optimal positions, serving as secure anchors for your replacement teeth. A brand new set of teeth that not only mimic the appearance but also function just like your natural teeth. You will be able to speak and eat as you normally would.

Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 5.15.40 PM.png

Mr Paul's Implant Journey


Mr Paul's life took a transformative turn at our clinic with the All-on-4 implant surgery. Struggling for years with dental issues impacting his eating and speech, the procedure not only restored his confidence but also granted him the freedom to enjoy meals and articulate words effortlessly. Post-surgery, Paul embraced a newfound reality where simple, everyday activities became sources of joy, empowered by a radiant and carefree smile.

"I am immensely grateful for the life-changing experience with the All-on-4 surgery at this clinic. The team's expertise and care made the process seamless, and the results exceeded my expectations. Thanks to this transformative surgery, I now eat and speak with newfound confidence and comfort, enjoying life's simple pleasures. The All-on-4 surgery not only restored my smile but also revitalized my self-assurance. A heartfelt thank you to the exceptional team for giving me a reason to smile brightly every day."

-Mr Paul

SmileBay Signature Implant Solution

We strive to turn unfavourable, even critical conditions into delivering permanent, fixed, customised restoration using dental implants to improve your quality of life.  As we firmly believe, everyone deserves a healthy smile, regardless of age.



Proper and thorough examination are conducted using advanced technology (e.g. CBCT, digital scanning, etc.) to evaluate the calculated risks. Then, the necessary precautions are applied accordingly before your surgery

Preoperative extraoral and intraoral photos will even be taken for digital planning and keeping track of your exciting journey with us


Intense discussion will be had among the SmileBay Signature team of implant surgeons and experienced lab technicians to ensure smooth flow of surgery and optimum outcome

A 3D surgical guide will be printed to ensure accuracy and precision of your implant placement


Implant surgery includes the placement of dental implant into the jawbone, followed by a restoration process to attach a customised prosthetic tooth or dental crown to the implant 3 months after the surgery. This comprehensive procedure helps patients regain their ability to bite, chew, and speak confidently while enhancing their overall oral health and aesthetics

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