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Digital Lab

Our SmileBay Signature top floor houses our Smilebay Digital Dental Lab. Having an in-house dental lab allows us to ensure the quality, precision and fast delivery of dental prostheses. This includes veneers, crowns, bridges, titanium bars for implant prosthesis and more.
Equipped with CAD-CAM and 3D-printing systems, manned by highly trained digital dental technicians, our in-house dental lab is an indispensable element for our centre that provides full mouth rehabilitation and same day dentistry.



collaborate closely to produce top-notch custom dental prostheses

SmileBay Signature takes pride in its exceptional in-house laboratory, where our dedicated team of dentists and dental technicians collaborate closely to produce top-notch custom dental prosthesis. By maintaining full control over the entire production process, we ensure that the outcome aligns precisely with the discussions you have had with your dentist. Our integrated approach guarantees that every aspect of your dental treatment receives the utmost attention and quality craftsmanship, resulting in superior outcomes for our valued patients.



The MC XL shortens the patient’s downtime from the conventional workflow of about one week to a few hours to mill/grind porcelain blocks.


Combination of Both Art and Science

Our dental technicians create crowns and veneers that truly come to life with natural beauty.

They employing their expertise to introduce characterizations, textures, and colors to the dental prostheses, ensuring that the crowns and veneers blend seamlessly with the patient's existing teeth.

By respecting the subtle variations found in natural teeth, our dentist and technician work hand in hand to produce dental prostheses that not only enhance smiles but also appear remarkably natural, resulting in a beautiful and lifelike transformation.


Do you really produce your own prostheses (crowns, bridges, veneers, dentures, etc) in-house?

Yes, our Digital Dental Lab houses state-of-the-art equipment and is helmed by a highly trained team of dental technologists, who will produce the prostheses according to your unique specifications and needs.

I cant handle teeth impressions because i have a very strong gag, is there another way? 

At SmileBay, the impression of your teeth is actually digitised using a digital scanner. Now, you will not have to hold the impression mould in your mouth to get accurate results. Results are also directly sent to our in-house dental lab, which cuts down on turnaround time

Dental work is mostly permanent, how can i be sure of what i want? 

Throughout the whole process, we will be transparent with what can be achieved. What’s more, with our award-winning digital scanner, digital impressions of your teeth will be sent directly to the lab. We can also show you how your future smile will look with the digital smile simulation, so you can see the result even before the transformation begins.

Is the quality of the prosthesis actually good?

The quality of the prostheses depends on the material your prostheses are made out of. For example, crowns made of Zirconia are stain-resistant while being incredibly strong and durable. Our dental team will walk you through the varieties available and help you make your decision based on your budget and dental needs and goals.

Why do it in house?

With an in-house dental lab, patients can skip the long waiting time and back-and-forth visits just to get the perfect prosthesis. With the streamlined workflow, it’s just faster, simply put.

How fast is "faster" in this case?

Incredibly fast. Manufacturing crowns, for example, usually take weeks. However, with the equipment we have on hand in our Digital Dental Lab, SmileBay can manufacture crowns in just one day. Hence, we are the preferred choice for same day crowns.

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