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Service with A Smile

Standing: Amalina (Digital Assistant)

Seated (left to right): Leah (Customer Engagement Executive), Sha (Digital Assistant), Huda (Digital Assistant), Kelly (Clinic Manager), Joey (Dental Surgery Assistant), Aziera (Digital Assistant), Roza (Customer Engagement Executive)

Where a clinic feels like a home, and a team feels like a family. This is the phrase used describe life in SmileBay Signature, the new flagship centre in Weld Quay specialising in advanced dental implant procedures, same day crowns and smile makeovers utilising digital smile design.

Amidst the relaxing ambience and a regal yet comfortable lounge area, the employees make up the hardworking cogs in a machine that ensures a seamless patient experience, from the waiting chair all the way to the dental chair.

At SmileBay, patients are beyond customers. They are the familiar faces the we often see, and the closeness creates a strong connection built on loyalty, trust and value. Customer Engagement Executive, Roza, takes this as an opportunity to build lasting relationships with customers. “Every day presents itself with an exciting new challenge. I regularly converse with guests to find out about their satisfaction with our treatments and how we can further elevate their experiences. It is a great feeling to know you work for a company that’s touching the lives of thousands of people.”

Keep updated with more special moments and #LifeAtSmileBay. Send us your enquiry to join our growing team at
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