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"Work Hard, Play Hard"

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Hi! I’m Dr Liew, a dentist in SmileBay Signature Centre, Penang.

Welcome to Smilebay Signature Centre, where we believe in the power of "Work Hard, Play Hard." Working hard is essential for professional growth and success, but it's equally important to find time to enjoy life outside of work.

At our dental practice, we are fortunate to have a boss who not only encourages us to work hard but also believes in the power of playing hard after working hours. These after-hours activities allow us to see a different side of our boss and colleagues as well as build stronger relationships with them. We get to know each other beyond our professional roles, which foster a sense of trust within the team.

Remember, finding the right balance between work and play is key to leading a fulfilling and successful professional life :)


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